Panama Urban Adventures

We know Panama, so come experience it with us! Panama Urban Adventures is owned and operated by Kevin O’Brien, originally from Boston, Massachusetts. It was 15 years ago that Kevin got into adventure travel and professional tour guiding, and he hasn't looked back since.

From Alaska to Argentina, Kevin has ventured to nearly every square inch of the Western Hemisphere with a high level of passion and excitement for travel and new explorations. Kevin settled in Panama City in 2003 and has since been showing off his beloved Panama to travellers all over the world. 

The Panama Urban Adventures team includes both enthusiastic local experts and foreigners who have made Panama their home and are anxious to share its wonders with you. Whoever you meet from our team, be sure you will receive personal service with a smile, an enriching educational experience, unexpected wonders and a whole lot of fun!

Panama Urban Adventures is a socially and environmentally conscious company, and we are dedicated to the preservation of Panama's cultural integrity and natural beauty. We also strive to contribute positively to local communities through our operating guidelines.

Panama Urban Adventures operates on a low- or no-impact basis as much as possible. We support and visit locally-owned businesses, such as restaurants and transportation services, and can recommend locally-owned accommodation and other tour services should you require them. On our tours, we visit local indigenous communities, encouraging visitors to learn and respect the local cultures, and perhaps support them through the purchase of local handicrafts. 

Not only will your time with Panama Urban Adventures be exciting and fun, it will also be socially and environmentally responsible.